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May 2017 Retro Gaming Article

May 20, 2017 Retro Gaming Blog Post:

I bought a PS4 for the next-gen tech, but my inner retro gamer took charge

PS4 games with retro rootsPS4 games with retro roots
I've enjoyed several titles showcasing the PS4's capabilities, but 70% of my PS4 games have retro origins!
I've been a PlayStation fan since the "eNOS" ads of 1995 and was eager to finally buy a PS4 this past Christmas. As much as I love retro gaming, I'm always curious to see where technology is taking gaming and the amazing games that result. I found the latest Uncharted title very engaging and really drew us in as we explored. But it wasn't modern gaming that sealed the deal for me and made the PS4 a must-have console.

PS4 games with retro rootsPS4 games with retro roots Have you bought an Atari Flashback console lately? AtGames have released several varieties, each with slight variation of built-in games from the early days. This past holiday season they also added a "Flashback" product for PS4 and Xbox One - Atari Flashback Classics Volume 1 & 2.

Volume 1 of this wonderful compilation contains the arcade version of Tempest! For me this was a tremendous windfall. Prior to this release, MAME seemed the only way to play Tempest, so I cheerfully bought a PS4 so I could play Tempest, also knowing it would offer the ability to delve into some great modern games.

It may seem a bit irrational to buy an expensive game console to play a 1981 arcade game. It is.

Upon looking through the games I've purchased, a commonality was readily apparent - they're predominantly retro games. In addition to the Atari Flashback Classics, I have the Mega Man Legacy Collection, Mighty No. 9, DariusBurst CS, Mutant Mudds, and a few others. I was surprised to see how many of my games were retro or inspired from the early days.

In contrast, on PS3 all my games are current to that generation with the exception of Midway Arcade Origins and Sonic's Ultimate Genesis Collection. Guess which two games get the most play? :) I naturally try to include as many retro games as I can on my modern consoles, but I was quite surprised by the PS4, considering I've had is less than six months. Just goes to show - retro runs deep!

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