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April 2017 Retro Gaming Article

April 28, 2017 Retro Gaming Blog Post:

Nintendo gives the 2DS' slate a nifty update, releasing as the 2DS XL this Summer

The 2DS XL
As we question the lifespan of Nintendo portable systems, with the Switch's mobility and their foray into smartphone games, they announce an upgraded 2DS XL. Didn't see that coming.
When the 3DS came out, I went to GameStop to experience the 3D effect. It was interesting, but every movement I made seemed to cause the screen to react strangely. For me, the 3D was impressive as a glasses-free technology, but for all the motion associated with gaming-on-the-go, it was distracting. The expense of the initial unit led me to pass on it.

However, when the 2DS came out, I was very excited. I bought one for my son and another for myself shortly after. With a great game library, StreetPass, and Local Play... I loved it! Despite it's bulky shape, I take it with me everywhere - yes, everywhere. It provides a solid reliable gaming experience incapable on the dreadful smartphones on the market today.

The 2DS Gets The "XL" Treatment

Nintendo announced an update to my favored portable game console. in July, they will release the 2DS XL which seems to be predominantly a 3DS minus the 3D visual effect. It will have the clam-shell design, larger screens, a C-stick, and built in amiibo support. It almost seems like a 3DS killer unless you really dig the 3D visuals.

The other upgrade is the price - it goes up to $150. I seem to recall some $80 sales, so this is quite a jump, but it does have some cool addition. To be honest... I liked the flat slate design. I also preferred the original GBA before the SP model came out with the clam-shell design.

Again, with a backdrop of the recently cancelled NES Classic Edition and Switch launch, it's hard to keep up with Nintendo's strategy. Will the Switch take over the 2/3DS duties with smartphones absorbing the rest of the portable scene? With only a year or two of support left, it's hard to say what will become the mobility we've loved since the original GameBoy.

I'm eager to see what the 2DS XL brings and how Nintendo's portable strategy adapts and changes. It will be another exciting time in gaming :)

The 2DS XL

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