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January 2016 Retro Gaming Article

January 16, 2016 Retro Gaming Blog Post:

Super 80s World puts Dan Camaro on an epic adventure into 1980's pop culture

Super 80s World
The game of the decade... the 1980s! A fun retro-platformer that takes you back to the era of new wave, neon and decadence.
Super 80s World's Dan Camaro If you had the pleasure of living in the 80's you know it was the best decade this planet has ever seen! While many great milestones have been achieved throughout history, most of them pale compared to arcades, Miami Vice, and Day-Glo fashion!

The 80s left us with so much iconic pop culture, its hard to say what was the single greatest achievement. Here's your chance to find out as you guide Dan Camaro through Super 80s World, a retro platformer game.

Michael Cowden of Tap Tap Good, created Super 80s World as a 2D platformer with an awesome retro look and feel. The first of two games to explore the 80s has 5 stages, each named by year and motif. The stages are: 1980 - Arcadia, 1981 - 80s Underground, 1982 - Neon Streets, 1983 - 80s Toyland, and 1984 - Miami Nice. Within these stages you'll also find some mini games. The remaining years (stages) will be released in the second game at a later date.

The game is being released for iOS and Windows with Mac and Android versions coming via Kickstarter stretch goals. As a Mac user with a droid, I'm hoping the game comes out soon for the later platforms! In the mean time, flip up your collar, hop in your DeLorean and crank up the Kasiotones - You're going to bring the 80s back!

Super 80s World - Miami Nice If the 80s was a man, it would be Dan Camaro. Formerly the lead Keytarist of The Kasiotones, he went solo in the late 1980s, releasing a single album to luke-warm reviews.
Super 80s World - Smores Boss Dan's acclaim faded with the decade that made him what he was. Now considered washed up by most, he vowed to make a comeback - to bring back the 80s!

This looks like a fun game and will be released in two parts - the first and second halves of the 80s. A Kickstarter campaign will commence in the coming weeks and there is a lot of good info and a brief game-play video on the Super 80s World website. If Dan's your man, you should check out his tunes on Bandcamp.

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