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April 2016 Retro Gaming Article

April 16, 2016 Retro Gaming Blog Post:

If you couldn't decide between Pokemon Sun & Moon, just wait until the lingerie arrives

Pokemon Linderie from Yummy Mart
Yummy Mart's Pokemon collection will debut in Japan, but you can't contain style. We're confident these items will span the globe in due time.
The Pokemon collection from Yummy Mart will go on sale in Japan in a few days with a sharp focus on Pikachu. Amidst a variety of sleepwear items and a hooded towel, the prized item seemingly won't be for sale - the plush Pikachu bra and panties!

I guess a plush (lumpy) set of underwear may not be the most practical daily wear item, but somehow I'm imagining it wasn't designed for use outside the bedroom. So, anyway... I'm sure some of these designs will cross the various oceans and arrive at a wider array of retailers.

Pokemon Linderie from Yummy Mart From their website, you can find Yummy Mart's social media accounts with an array of info and pics of other merch like this nod to the 80s!

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