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January 2016 Retro Gaming Article

January 11, 2016 Retro Gaming Blog Post:

In accordance with “everything old is new”, Kodak revives the Super-8 film format

The familiar red & yellow Kodak logo loomed at CES in an effort to reboot interest in the Super-8 film format abandoned in the 1980s.
Kodak Super 8 film camera Did you or your parents have a Super 8 film camera in the 70's? It was a great format, but like many new innovations - it was the only option. Today we have digital camcorders and smart phones that will capture video. Modern news agencies regularly broadcast footage taken by random citizens who are "in the midst" when news happens. That's a far cry from the backyard films many families made in the 8MM format. Are your ready for a resurgence?

Kodak logo Retro culture is making a large impact in today's world as we see many old technologies finding new admirers. Will this lead more technologies into a cyclical pattern of returning to find a home in the modern era? Kodak is doing their part by trying to revive the 8mm film medium with a new analog camera with some digital accouterments! We're are seeing lots of formats and technologies reappearing.

The Games Are Retro

Each holiday season for the last several years, Atari Flashback consoles have appeared in toy stores and discount outlets. It's an interesting diversion, but not a viable replacement for the actual Atari 2600 with it's enormous game library. Last year we were treated to similar units for Colecovision and Intellivision games.

These are games from the early 1980s and each year they sell well in the plug-n-play format of the flashback. Retro is certainly coming back - in many forms - not just video games. While there is always a certain sense of nostalgia for past remembrances, rarely do they become mainstream. But that seems to be changing considerably.

The Records Are Retro

I loved record stores and miss the large format artwork they featured. An album cover was far more than "packaging". It was art! That artwork is making a comeback alongside the resurgence of vinyl records. Relegated to niche markets by the advent of CDs (which are now shunned in favor of digital music files) vinyl is making a big comeback. Several stores I frequent still sell CDs and are now stocking more vinyl albums than CDs!

During the 2015 Christmas season, portable turntables with speakers were hot itens. There are several all-in-one turntables on the market offering a variety of features, yet don't require an amp or external speakers.

Kodak Super 8

The Cameras Are Retro

Have you tried to buy a roll of film lately? Digital cameras have changed the landscape of photography. Film is no longer developed - we simply put tons of photos on tiny SD cards. Polaroid had made several attempts to bring back instant film photography, but the ease of digital soon returns.

Just when you thought the vast array of digital camcorders had eclipsed all other consumer formats, along comes Kodak with a crazy cool camera that takes the subtle beauty of film and integrates the best of the digital world. This is actually a "film" camera, but it has a digital viewfinder and an SD slot to enable sound recording. Kodak premiered it's Super 8 camera at the 2016 CES show.

This new creation is a hybrid of an old (reliable) film standard with some more modern features. You shoot on film cartridges containing 50 feet of film and have Frame-Per-Second settings between 9 and 25 fps. You'll find a lot of info on Kodak's Super 8 camera website.

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