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June 2016 Retro Gaming Article

June 6, 2016 Retro Gaming Blog Post:

The Famicam64 app provides real-time 8-bit effects for your smartphone's camera

Dial in your favorite console's visual style with this slick iOS app!
Instagram gave us the notion that filters are cool, but Zuck's photo app nowhere near as cool as the Famicam64 app. It boasts over 40 real time filters, adjustable parameters and classic retro palettes from iconic computers and video game consoles. Famicam 64 allows you to easily capture great looking 8-bit pictures. Famicam64

Famicam64 is not just a simple camera app. It's a complete 8bit Photo Editing Suite with a set of modules to enhance your photos including:

DRAW: to pixel-sketch on your photo with different colors, effects and retro brushes
TEXT: to add captions with awesome 8-bit and retro fonts
SPRITES: with +350 retro-inspired stickers
FRAMES: to turn your photos in old game covers or an old CRT screen

Check out the video below to see how it brings your favorite computer & console styles to life in real time. I love this concept!

Famicom64 is currently available for iOS devices and in a communication with the developer, he says it may come to Android users (like me) in time. Some days I wish I had an iPhone. This app definitely makes me envious of those with Apple phones!

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