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March 2016 Retro Gaming Article

March 1, 2016 Retro Gaming Blog Post:

After a 2nd fake prototype, its safe to assume the Coleco Chameleon is done

Another Coleco Chameleoon fake game console
Having tried to dupe gamers, consumers, and investors twice, it seems unlikely anyone will lend or spend a nickel on this project. I would expect some legal ramifications to arise as well.
I was surprised by the previous allegations that the Retro VGS guys displayed a fake prototype at Toy Fair. Today it was revealed that a second prototype they displayed online - as an attempt to validate the prior fake - was likely a DVR board simply laying inside the empty case!

This time around, they seemingly dropped a random PC board into their translucent Jag case and overlaid the branding in an effort to hide more of the innards. The internet is full of smart people who are also determined people. Mike Kennedy may be deep in debt from this debacle.

He shows no signs of ceasing this charade and that behavior angers gamers. After all, Kennedy is one of us. He's a gemer and has done a lot for retro gaming over the years. But this Chameleon nonsense has gone too far and gamers have turned their anger into sleuthing the lies. The board being portrayed as the Chameleon was located and it seems it was a PC capture board.

2nd fake prototype Chameleon This is the latest Chameleon pic posted to the Retro VGS Chameleon Facebook page to try and validate the prior fake console. Show next to it is what looks like the DVR capture board skulking in that Jaguar case.
DVR board used in the 2nd fake prototype Chameleon This is a close up of the DVR board. Certainly looks incriminating... I'll bet the holding company behind the Coleco brand is regretting their decisions about this awful project.

If I were to speculate, I really don't think Kennedy set out with any bad intent. He's been a part of retro gaming for a very long time. He may have been dreaming of this modern-retro console for years and years and finally decided to Go For It! Obviously, there were large mistakes made, but I'm guessing his recent persistence comes from being deep in debt from this whole episode. He may have mortgaged a home (or worse) to purchase the Atari Jaguar molds.

The first failing Indiegogo disaster sought to raise nearly two million dollars! I'm sure he needed a lot of that money to recoup his own losses in trying to bring the Retro VGS to market. The cascading failures lead me to believe that this project is financially ruining Kennedy and he's trying his best to find a way out of a really bad situation.

At this point, I feel bad for Mike Kennedy as I'm guessing he's in a deep hole and has more than sullied the Coleco brand which he licensed for a specific purpose. I doubt there's much wiggle room for fraud when licensing a renown brand name. I doubt we've heard the last of this peculiar train wreck.

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