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November 2015 Retro Gaming Article

November 10, 2015 Retro Gaming Blog Post:

I don't recall the Lizzie McGuire soliloquy where she becomes a Wild Gunman

The tabloids are trying to fabricate news out of a potential gun purchase by actress, Hillary Duff. If the paparazzi want to peg her as a Wild Gunman, we can't resist delving into Nintendo's arcade game brought to the NES in just the right era for a Back To The Future II appearance.

Lizzie McGuire star, Hillary Duff bought a Glock It's been reported that former Lizzie McGuire star, Hillary Duff bought a Glock. I'm not sure this is of any importance since she may have purchased a power-drill and a bottle of shampoo rather than a gun. But after all of Lizzie's soliloquies it makes one smirk a little bit - many of her self-induced convos would have had better outcomes with some firepower. :)
Wild Gunman for NES As for Wild Gunman, the recent Back To The Future II Day gave reason for everyone from USA Today and Pepsi to Nike and Nintendo to join in the anniversary. Nintendo brought it's NES game Wild Gunman to the Virtual Console. A version of it was used in the 80's Cafe in BTTF II, in an arcade cabinet.

This electro-mechanical Nintendo arcade game was released in 1974 and later updated for it's 1985 NES release. Like the original, the NES version used the zapper light-gun.

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