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January 2015 Retro Gaming Article

January 24, 2015 Retro Gaming Blog Post:

Actress, producer & singer Traci Lords lends her voice to an upcoming video game

A recent post on Traci Lords' Facebook page announced she'll be voicing another video game! You may recall her voice as Layla Stockton in Hitman: Absolution or Commander Kyoto in Defender.

Traci Lords to lend her voice to an upcoming video game I love finding celebrity voices in various works. From animated movies to video games and even narration. So many times I'll her a voice and know it's a celebrity, but can't put my finger on the name. Several times I've actually bought a game because a celebrity I liked was voicing a character. Wet comes to mind.

She has controversial background in the entertainment industry, but I was overjoyed to discover her in the movie Not of This Earth (1988). She was later in Blade and Cry Baby among many others.

Too many celebrities have released awful albume, but Traci's 1995 album, 1000 Fires, is an exception. It's a killer techno album that she created.

She's a pretty diverse lady, to say the least. Check out her autobiography and you'll see her perseverance in a whole new light. I'm still waiting for her TV series, First Wave, to come out on DVD! She was cool as Jordan Radcliffe.

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