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December 2015 Retro Gaming Article

December 14, 2015 Retro Gaming Blog Post:

iTunes Terms & Conditions is a brilliant graphic adaptation of Apple's lengthy legalese

For anyone who's pondered reading the ridiculously long Terms and Conditions of iTunes, this is the best possible way I can imagine it.
iTunes Terms & Conditions graphic novel Comics artist Robert Sikoryak has created a wonderful graphic novel from the content of Apple's iTunes user agreement. We've all seen it, but very few have read past the first paragraph or two. But before you can install the app, you have to wistfully lie about having read, comprehended, and greatly benefited from it's content.

The text from the agreement fills thought bubbles and speech balloons, in iTunes Terms & Conditions , as though a story were unfolding before you. Each page is done in a unique style with some characters you may recognize... and a story you won't.

I love this idea! For all the "agreements" I've breezed by online, this one is actually fun to read - in small amounts. There are 2 self-published installments that can be purchased online.

The irony of "no one reads user agreements" is just part of the humor. Take a look at the pages posted to Tumblr and see how many artistsand their characters you can name. It's hard to say how Apple might react to such a tome, but on the bright side, I'm sure the iTunes user agreement has been read more thanks to Sikoryak's graphic novel. :)

iTunes Terms & Conditions graphic novel The iTunes Terms & Conditions graphic novel is based on a variety of artist's style including a specific image/character from his or her's work.
iTunes Terms & Conditions graphic novel Of course the iTunes Terms & Conditions graphic novel has frequent appearances by Steve Jobs in his signature turtleneck.

iTunes was first released in January 2001 after Apple bought SoundJam MP and renamed it. The first version was released at Macworld San Francisco.

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