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November 2015 Retro Gaming Article

November 16, 2015 Retro Gaming Blog Post:

Surge soda is sold in parts of the USA, but Burger King rolls it out nationwide Icee-style

Burger King rolls out frozen Surge Icees nationwide The story of a grassroots movement convincing the Coca Cola company to re-release Surge soda is pretty remarkable. I remember their logo, but I was a Mountain Dew fan at the time. However, I have to say I love te retro vibe around this whole campaign and the way it has grown.

Once Coca Cola had been won over, Surge began by appearing as an online Amazon offering. It seems that test was successful enough for Surge to be distributed across the South East and Midwestern US. Alas, I don't live in a Surge-friendly sales region, but I read that Burger King was going to begin selling Surge nationwide today (Nov. 16).

After work, I stopped at a local Burger King and was astonished and excited to see a picture of their frozen Surge beverage on the overhead menu board. I ordered one to the befuddlement of the clerk. He insisted that I had to choose Coke or Cherry flavor. Nope, I wanted surge... the green one.

Finally, he looked up at the menu and was somewhat perplexed about the picture of the green Icee beverage. He stated their machine only had Coke and Cherry. When I asked if they would be getting Surge, he replied, No. OK... why is there a picture of it on their menu? I'm confident that Surge's citrus power will prevail and be distributed in the coming weeks.

Meanwhile if you've been wondering what Pauley Shore has been up to... I'm not sure, but he's returned as a 90's icon to pitch Surge via video and social media. This scene is getting more retro by the minute!

Pauley Shore for Surge soda Keep an eye out for Surge at your local retailers and in frozen form at Burger King!

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