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May 2015 Retro Gaming Article

May 8, 2015 Retro Gaming Blog Post:

The Sunshine Laundromat & Cleaners, in Brooklyn, turns laundry night into game night via pinball

Sunshine Laundromat & Cleaners pinball I don't particularly like doing laundry at home, so when the machine is on the fritz, you can only imagine my loathing of dragging all my stuff to a laundromat. Clean clothes are a necessity - for most of us. Thus there's really no incentive for a laundromat to be anything other than a destination for nominally functional washers & dryers.

I've read stories that Nolan Bushnell came up with the Chuck E. Cheese's concept while wishing he had something to do as he waited for a pizza at a restaurant.

Several types of businesses have had success with a few video games tucked into the corner. The idea of a hybrid business - involving video games - is less common. But it's an idea I really like! I first saw this posted on ausretrogamer's site, so I had to look this up.

Sunshine Laundromat & Cleaners pinball

Laundromat and Pinball

The Sunshine Laundromat & Cleaners in Brooklyn, NY is a hybrid business that has melded pinball with a laundromat. The genius of it - to me- is combining something fun like pinball with something people hate; doing laundry. Adding fun to laundry is both clever and inspiring.

Yelp has several comments by people lauding the cleaning services, while others go to play pinball. And there was one guy who had a birthday party there!

A great Wall Street Journal article reveals, co-owner Peter Rose always wanted to own a pinball venue and discovered Sunshine through his love of fixing coin-op games. He seems to keep the atmosphere light and fun as he integrates more offerings. He's currently seeking a liquor license.

With top pinball titles, you get more than just clean clothes!
Keep in mind that this isn't a run down laundry joint with a row of aging coin-ops to keep the patrons entertained. Rose has curated an amalgamation of top titles and even hosted the New York State Pinball Championship! Yes, at a laundromat!

Some folks are quick to point out that offering entertainment in a laundromat has been done before. Yes, it has. But with a renewed interest in retro games and the success of barcades catering to specific gaming genres, I think the climate is right for a hybrid business, like the Sunshine Laundromat, to be much more than a novelty.

This business melding isn't for the sake of quirky publicity. It feels born out of passion and true interest in creating a grand experience... even if you're just doing a load of laundry.

Sunshine Laundromat & Cleaners pinball I hope the Sunshine Laundromat & Cleaners finds success because they're doing something different, but not for the sake of being different. I'm sure the pieces fell into place in an odd manner, but one in which they fit well. Adding a liquor license to a pinball laundromat is pretty cool. Most of all, this is a privately held, small business that offers something extremely unique to it's local clientele and the surrounding community.

I applaud the success of any arcade these days, but to read about someone who made it happen out of passion in unlikely surroundings, makes the whole story very special. If you're in Brooklyn, NY stop in and play while you clean a load of clothes - you may even e able to buy a beer too!

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