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September 2015 Retro Gaming Article

September 15, 2015 Retro Gaming Blog Post:

You can buy the newly remastered Streets Of Rage soundtrack on vinyl via Data Discs

The original soundtrack from the classic SEGA game, Streets Of Rage, has been newly remastered in collaboration with legendary composer, Yuzo Koshiro. London-based record label Data Discs is offering this as well as the classic Dreamcast adventure game, Shenmue. Data Discs is the first record label solely dedicated to releasing video game soundtracks on vinyl.

remastered Streets Of Rage soundtrack on vinyl The remastered Streets Of Rage soundtrack on 180g black vinyl.
remastered Streets Of Rage soundtrack on vinyl The remastered Streets Of Rage soundtrack on 180g translucent red vinyl.

If you view the offerings from Data Discs, you may be surprised to see they offer only 2 products at this time. As a label that only releases video game soundtracks, it will be interesting to see how they grow and expand their catalog. The renewed interest in vinyl is, like all trends, cyclical. What happens to Data Discs when vinyl recedes to even more of a niche format? If you want SOR or Shenmue, you may want to order soon.

My last AC/DC vinyl purchase was a Jem Import of Dirty Deeds!
It's interesting to see the recent surge in vinyl appreciation. Both my local comic shop and Barnes & Noble offer a selection of vinyl albums. It's like I've travelled back in time to my pre-CD childhood when all music was released on vinyl. Newbury Comics sends out a weekly newsletter with all the new releases on vinyl along with a Top-20 listing. They carry everything from AC/DC to Taylor Swift.

From the Data Discs website
We carefully remaster game soundtracks and present them as officially licensed, high quality packages. Our intention is to promote the work of game composers, which is all too often overlooked, and introduce people to an area of music that, despite being culturally significant in many ways, has seldom been available on any format, let alone on vinyl. We aim to release soundtracks that work as standalone pieces; albums that can be enjoyed by casual listeners as well as game fans, and showcase the creativity and ingenuity of the people behind them.

Streets of Rage - Track List

A1. The Street of Rage
A2. Player Select
A3. Fighting in the Street
A4. Attack the Barbarian
A5. Dilapidated Town
A6. Moon Beach
A7. Keep the Groovin'
A8. Round Clear

B1. Beatnik on the Ship
B2. Stealthy Steps
B3. Violent Breathing
B4. The Last Soul
B5. You Became the Bad Guy!
B6. Big Boss
B7. My Little Baby
B8. Game Over

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