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November 2015 Retro Gaming Article

November 14, 2015 Retro Gaming Blog Post:

It's hard to ignore the Star Wars hype, but I want to enjoy the film, not compare it to trailers

Star Wars logo I first saw Star Wars at the theater in Tyson's Corner. As a kid in 1977 I thought it was great! It would be decades before I ever knew it was technically the fourth movie in what I thought was a trilogy.

In those days, the local theater was the best way to see such films. They were grand on the big screen.

As the trilogy unfolded in the early 1980s I remember buying a graphic novel of Return Of The Jedi. That tome went everywhere with me as I read and re-read the story while the film's vivid images flew through my mind. That was a great Summer! The Empire Strikes Back video game was available for my Atari 2600, forming the perfect Star Wars trifecta of film, comics, and video games.

I was excited for each Star Wars film release - even the 3 prequel films. I wanted to know how the story would continue. What would happen? There were sure to be twists, turns, and new story arcs unfolding. It was a great time not to have an Internet full of fans dissecting each frame of each trailer with speculation running rampant. One's imagination ran wild with what might happen in the next installment.

Star Wars Storm Trooper cosplay Living for Star Wars means different things to different people. It doesn't have to be a frantic obsession.

Ignoring the Hype

With social media sending BTS photos and info directly from the film set and a myriad of trailers and promo pieces splashed across any website willing to post them, it's hard to escape the hype. In the past hype has killed my desire to see many movies. I grow tired of all the info and speculation to the point at which I don't care what may happen in the actual film.

Official Star Wars The Force Awakens poster
Trailers rarely inspire interest more than they erode it.
Having experienced the entire Star Wars series in theaters, beginning in my childhood, I decided to cast aside all the modern trappings of promotion that seem to do more damage than good. Episodes II & III didn't resound with me, but I think Abrams has the ability to restore the awesomeness of Star Wars in the upcoming The Force Awakens film.

With that in mind, I opted to ignore all of the Internet and TV promotion. While elements of promotion scatter across the web, I've not been tempted to click on a trailer or read any "inside info" about the upcoming film.

I'm hoping to experience it as I did as a kid - with excitement, not a desire to see if #7 can live up to the hype. Star Wars is an epic tale best experienced on the big screen. I would hate to have it ruined by a Facebook post I chose to view while waiting on line at the supermarket.

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