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September 2015 Retro Gaming Article

September 4, 2015 Retro Gaming Blog Post:

If you're considering wearing a Smart Skirt you may want to include a pair of Pixel Panties

The idea of wearable electronics surfaces now and then in various forms. The creators have differing notions as to the functionality or benefit of such a garment. Sometimes it's a LED light show synched to the surrounding beat. Other times it reacts to wifi or Bluetooth vitals. It's a growing field in terms of fashion, tech, and wearability. It's open to a lot of interpretation.

I read a few articles about SexyCyborg's Smart Skirt and was really enthused by her passion for tech and the unique application she's developing. An Android app connects to the skirt via Bluetooth for a variety of control options.

Smart Skirt created by SexyCyborg A circle of LED lights is sewn into the hem of this mini skirt. Her product is a fashion/tech fusion allowing the model's smart phone to dictate the colors - among other attributes - of the skirt's lighting.
Smart Skirt created by SexyCyborg The controller is built into a custom 3D printed belt buckle and links to the lighting. I hope the LED system is password protected from those who might "discover" the Bluetooth signal and have some fun of their own.

Smart Skirt Here is another creator's vision of an illuminated skirt.

Pixel Panties

If you plan to hit the town with an illuminated smart skirt, you'd be wise to have a little protection from sudden updrafts that might expose more than just your electronics. We think a pair of Pixel Panties are the perfect solution.

Pixel Panties
Pixel Panties Pixel Panties - 8-bit underwear!
Pixel Panties Pixel Panties

Light up your life with a smart skirt and add a pair of Pixel Panties! You'll be cutting edge with hidden retro flair. Sounds like a good combo :)

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