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September 2015 Retro Gaming Article

September 11, 2015 Retro Gaming Blog Post:

There was actually a small line at Toys R Us for September's amiibo release

After reading about the 3-hour+ amiibo lines in some metropolitan areas, I'm kind of glad I live off the beaten path. I've been to many release-day events at local stores and there's never been a crowd. often I'm there by myself wondering why I didn't sleep in.

Amiibo line at Toys R Us So I was rather surprised to see 5 others had arrived at Toys R Us before me. It was 9:50am and they let us stand in the entry lobby since it was raining. When they opened the doors at 10:00, there were about a dozen of us waiting to get first crack at the available figures.

I'm not sure if they feared being stormed by manic amiibo shoppers, but before the store opened they distributed small chits, each with the SKU of one of the new figures. Each customer was given a chit for each amiibo they wanted to buy. When they let us in, we simply went to the register in the game section and they rang us up. Amiibo were distributed from behind the counter. Thus there was no storming the aisle and rabidly snatching figues off the shelves.

This round I was interested in 4 of the figures. Actually I also wanted Dr. Mario, but the closest Target is over an hour away and I had to go to work. Perhaps I'll find one at some point.

Amiibo line at Toys R Us It was a fun day since I was able to find all the amiibo I wanted and didn't have to camp out for hours. Now that I own a Wii U, these figures are taking on a new meaning. Prior, I considered them mere eye-candy, but now I'm curious to see how they enhance various games. This initiates the quandary of whether to open an amiibo package or leave it sealed. :)

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