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November 2015 Retro Gaming Article

November 6, 2015 Retro Gaming Blog Post:

If you're seeking a new Christmas ritual, we'd like to suggest Santa's Special Delivery

Santa's Special Delivery Is it the chill in the Autumn air? Could it be the colorful leaves drifting from the trees? Maybe it's the holiday spirit that's been enveloping the lands since mid-September when the supermarket put up their fake Christmas tree.

Whatever it is, you know the holidays are near and it's time to help Santa deliver presents to all the good boys and girls. As for the rotten kids who don't even deserve coal, Cerulean Games has just the thing in a delightfully crude holiday game Santa's Special Delivery. Fly through the air delivering gifts and when you encounter one of those wretched kids, give 'em code brown from Santa's downtown.

We discovered this nasty holiday treat last Xmas on Android and Ouya. This year you can enjoy Santa's Special Delivery on Macintosh, Linux, and PC! You can help get this game on on Steam Greenlight - give them a vote.

Santa's Special Delivery has a great retro look & feel along with a chiptune soundtrack. You can even download it's sonic genius from their website! It's hard not to smile when playing this game. It's simple to play and makes a great conversation piece when you're playing it at the office Xmas party.

It features Crude holiday themed humor, exploding reindeer, exploding houses, festive chiptune music, and more. It's the game that keeps on giving. Get your copy today!

Santa's Special Delivery Cerulean Games' Santa's Special Delivery was deemed too extreme by Apple. Thus it is only available on Android. As much as one hates to see it limited in such a manner, we all know this is just another great reason to get this game! Kinda makes you wanna go 'Droid and perch Santa on that naughty kid's chimney. Happy holidays are assured because tasteless humor never goes out of style.

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