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July 2015 Retro Gaming Article

July 31, 2015 Retro Gaming Blog Post:

I want to play retro games on Samsung's video-equipped Safety Trucks... at 60 MPH

Samsung's video-equipped Safety Truck Samsung has a clever solution to the difficulty in passing large trucks on 2-lane roads. A surprising number of deaths occur from people trying to pass a large truck and underestimating traffic conditions in the approaching lane. It's very difficult to see around 18-wheel delivery trucks.

With a camera mounted on the front of the truck and a large display pannel on the back, Samsung lets drivers "see" through these trucks and estimate safe passing. That's pretty clever, but as I thought about it I realized the retro gamer in me saw an opportunity...

I understand that this set-up is for safety, but that's a really big screen and sometimes driving can get a little dull.

Smart TVs seem to have a lot of built-in tools and apps that enhance the TV experience... unless you simply enjoy watching tV. So, If one were to tailgate this truck with a bluetooth controller... might one be able to play a game on that wide screen?

Retro gaming on Samsung's video-equipped Safety Truck The display on the back of the truck is achieved via four monitors so obviously none of this would be feasible - for a variety of other reasons as well. And yes, I'm aware that this entire scenario would be dangerous and stupid. But that doesn't stop my head from conjuring the notion.

Retro gaming is EVERYWHERE! :)

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