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August 2015 Retro Gaming Article

August 25, 2015 Retro Gaming Blog Post:

After ruining Paolo Porpora's “Flowers”, Don't let this kid near your Stadium Events

In wake of a kid accidentally punching a hole in a painting, I wish parents would take the time to explain the value (culturally and financially) of items displayed in museums. Kids shouldn't be allowed to randomly bumble around in museums without any respect for the displays.

Stadium Events In our digital world, it becomes increasingly difficult for the younger generations to understand how things were in the analog age. Some kids today consider PhotoShop to be an artist's primary tool. While that can be true, I can't help wondering if that kid has ever been to an art museum.

The ease with which we right-click and save images is staggering. If you want to see Michelangelo's Sistine Chapel work, go to Goole Images and set it as your desktop, right? The notion of a one-of-a -kind original is nearly lost.

Artists often sell prints of their original works as the original can only be sold once. These days we use the term "digital rot" for those jpegs that travel around the interned being resized, altered, and saved again only to be degraded in the process.

Have you ever seen a year-old meme that looks a little fuzzy? That's the effect of the degradation that happens as the file is manipulated and re-saved. The original will look great until the end of time, but altered versions litter the Net.

Hide Your Stadium Events

Recently during a museum visit, a 12-year-old in Taiwan tripped and put his hand through a 1.5 million dollar painting by Paolo Porpora. The video show his fall. Rather than fall to the floor, he simply reaches out and remains upright by pushing his hand through a 350+ year-old painting. No RESPECT! His family is not being asked to cover the costs in the assumption that insurance will cover restoration costs.

This is a good lesson for those with valuable collections of anything. Don't assume a kid has been raised to respect the property of others. When I think about the outrageous prices of rare video games on auction sites, I wonder if kids have any sense of their value. Can you imagine showing a child your newly acquired copy of a rare in-box game only to watch as the child rips the box open to see what's inside?

Not everyone raises their kids to respect the world around them. Don't let these kids handle your copy of Stadium Events!

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