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August 2015 Retro Gaming Article

August 6, 2015 Retro Gaming Blog Post:

GameStop opens early to take amiibo pre-orders while in-store amiibo shelves are barren

I don't know who's to blame with the under fulfillment of amiibo on store shelves. It frustrates collectors who strive to own every singe one of them, but it also frustrates gamers who simply want to unlock a feature or play a new character.

From toys R Us to Best Buy and GameStop, no one has a sufficient supply of amiibo. I have a hard time going to GameStop to pre-order more of them when their shelves are barren in the amiibo section.

Time Magazine's cover story on Virtual Reality I've read so many articles about canceled pre-orders at a variety of stores, that I'd rather sleep in on Saturday until someone can show that there will be adequate stock.

Between all of these stores I can buy anything from Sea Monkeys to refrigerators... but no amiibo! I'd love to pick up ROB or Duck Hunt, but the whole retail process seems geared toward those who mark up prices for eBay sales of these figures.

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