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November 2015 Retro Gaming Article

November 30, 2015 Retro Gaming Blog Post:

Radioshack's hobby kits take me back 2 decades to when I loved their electronics projects

Radioshack logo When I found these Radioshack hobby kits online, I was stunned! I haven't seen anything like this from Radioshack in decades. These kinds of projects got me interested in electronics and - more importantly - demystified electronics for me. We need more learning opportunities, like this, for kids!

We live in a disposable society where we throw away everything that no longer works. In most cases, we don't even consider repairing them. As a kid, I remember TV repair shops - try finding that at the local mall these days. With the disappearance of repair shops comes the notion that most things are not repairable. Thus, we find fewer household challenges that might stir curiosity about learning to repair things. It's important for kids to see a need and be a part of the solution.

My son and I got my old Moon Patrol arcade game working this past Summer. Moon Patrol arcade game It was a great project for us and he was really interested in both the electronics and cabinet building. He had previously been interested in Snap Circuits, so this was a fun project for both of us. Now, I'm eager to see how he likes these hobby kits from Radioshack.

Radioshack hobby kits I bought 2 of the kits and I'm excited to share these with my son. The Snap Circuits gave him a good foundation for understanding what we did to get Moon Patrol working. These Radioshack kits will introduce a blank PCB and the need to solder the various components. For more info, Radioshack has a demonstration video showing how one of the kits is assembled.

Of all the false starts Radioshack has gone through to reinvent the brand and build momentum, this is the first product line I've seen them introduce that really brings back what they were renown for. I have fond memories of searching their aisles for hours for parts and ideas. I always felt surrounded by things I wanted to try. I relied on the Shack for so many home projects, It was sad to see them fall from grace and become a phone store.

These hobby kits are a terrific leap forward offering a very unique experience that harkens back to the glory days of Radioshack. This is what they were so good at and I think it's a great opportunity for kids to get some hands-on learning with their parents!

Radioshack hobby kits

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