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September 8, 2015 Retro Gaming Blog Post:

There's a lot of news about Pikmin 4's release considering we don't know its platform

Nintendo's Pikmin 3 for Wii U This past Summer I became obsessed with Pikmin 3 for the Wii U. My obsession didn't begin with an amazing gaming session or even a fond remembrance from the GameCube era. It began with my inability to find the Wii U version of the game locally! I found the prior release for the Wii, but #3 was not to be found on retail shelves - in my area.

I bought a lot of used GameCube games after the Wii was released, and I don't recall ever seeing Pikmin in a store - new or used. I know if I ever crossed paths with it I would have snatched up the GameCube version.

Having just bought a Wii U this Summer, I thought Pikmin 3 was a must-have title! I came across an article describing it's perceived rarity on the Wii U - which is actually a combination of 2 factors. It's a Nintendo title and a very good one. This explains my difficulty in finding a copy locally. Gamers tend to hold onto games like this.

My son was visiting, so we wanted to get a copy quickly and resorted to ordering it from GameStop. As with a majority of their used games, the copy they sent us was defective and wouldn't even generate a startup screen - despite our best cleaning efforts. Getting that sorted out took 2 weeks.

It's a fun game with a good deal of strategy - a perfect mix for a title that will engage us for quite some time. No sooner had we delved into Pikmin 3 when I started reading about the release of Pikmin 4!

Pikmin 4... for which platform?

Maybe I'm late to this party, but I'm reading that Pikmin 4 is "nearly completed". That's the quote in a myriad of online articles. So, when will it be available for the Wii U? If it's almost done, then they should at least have a Wii U release window, right?

Nintendo's Pikmin 3 for Wii U Oddly... No!

Whereas Nintendo is saying it's nearly complete, they won't give up a release date - and get this - they won't even commit to it being released on the Wii U! What?!? Could Pikmin 4 be held back for the "NX" console? This brings up a lot of thoughts about the Wii U's life cycle and Nintendo's next rumored console. But here's where the logic breaks down for me....

I'm not a programmer, so much of the coding/development of a video game is somewhat mysterious to me. However, it seems strange that the game could be nearly complete, yet not be designated for a specific platform.
Pikmin 4 development is "nearly complete" and they can't or won't confirm it's platform?

I suppose it's like a musician who has a final master tape, but has not decided whether to release his/her music on vinyl, CD, or digital. At the same time this video game analogy seems more akin to an automobile manufacturer being nearly complete with a new model, but hasn't decided if it's a 4-cylinder commuter or a V-12 supercar. there comes a stage at which one has to commit to the final output.

Without a programming background, I can't claim any expertise on this, but how often do we hear about a title's release confirmation and not know if it will run on the manufacturer's current hardware? That seems quite peculiar to me.

Naturally, this will all work itself out and the mysteries will be revealed, but I can't think of another game that got this much online attention with such a vague outcome. Wii U or something else? We shall see... :)

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