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September 2015 Retro Gaming Article

September 12, 2015 Retro Gaming Blog Post:

There was a Pac-Man game on the enormous video wall in SalesForce's San Francisco lobby

Word of a huge video wall displaying a Pac-Man game have been strewn across the Net. Some find it stunning to look at, while others want the controller! This is apparently in the lobby of the San Francisco headquarters of SalesForce. While I applaud the 80's vibe, I'm pretty sure an LED video wall is different than a mural - it changes.

SalesForce may become besieged with resumes from retro gamers seeking the comforting surroundings of a Pac-Man workplace. However, I caution those seeking a retroGaming-friendly company... SalesForce is a cloud computing company - with a cool LED video wall.

The video of the Pac-Man game seems to have been posted by one of SalesForce's Marketing Communications Managers. After a slew of "retro gaming is awesome" comments on the video, he posted some of the other scenes appearing on their video wall. Yes, the point of a video wall is the ability to change the image or animation.

The enormous video wall in SalesForce's San Francisco lobby The guy who posted the Pac-Man video followed up with a few other images that have adorned the huge video wall.
The enormous video wall in SalesForce's San Francisco lobby Another image from SalesForce's video wall. As you can see, it's not exclusively a Pac-Man video wall.

Before you pack up your life to move to California, it's just a video wall... not a retro gaming destination. We're just glad that the Pac-Man animation made it's way out of the lobby and onto the web!

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