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March 2015 Retro Gaming Article

OlliOlli arrives for 3DS as it's skateboarding sequel gains praise on PS4 & Vita

I'm always up to play a skateboarding game. I love the THPS series and I've enjoyed many skate games not bearing the Hawk name. I got my start with 720°, Skate Or Die and Town & Country Surf Designs: Wood & Water Rage on the NES. They come from an era where skateboarding had rockstar-riders, bright neon colors and 10" wide decks. The 80's were an amazing time to skate to the local arcade!

OlliOlli logo Roll7's OlliOlli came out last week for Nintendo's 3DS and I began reading up on it since I hadn't heard of it. It seems that this game has been around since January 2014, but was now released on the 3DS. I was a bit confused because I found several reviews saying OlliOlli 2 was an amazing sequel for the PS4! And here I am just hearing about it at the 3DS launch time.

Unlike the glam and glitz of the 80's, OlliOlli has a low key look to it and places the skater in the distance allowing more view of the upcoming terrain. There are plenty of trick to learn and a great tutorial for showing you how the controls work. You may find some initial frustration, but as you become better, the game really opens up for you. Good fun!

It was originally to be an iOS game, but the developers were persuaded to consider a console release. They went with the Sony vita which allowed them to add better mechanics and control than available with mobile's finger-swiping.

OlliOlli screenshot Being released on consoles may also have given the game more attention, as many games get lost in the "sea of mediocrity" that exists in the mobile arena. On the other hand, OlliOlli is an amazing game! It's fairly simple in control, but the game offers more difficulty than you may imagine, Mastering it is well worth the reward of this deftly accurate skateboarding game.

At first OlliOlli may seem like many skateboarding games, but it soon becomes obvious that there's a lot more to it. It's a single-life game in which you need to perform tricks at each opportunity - and land them properly. Points are lost for sloppy landings. Timing is paramount as you pull tricks and during landing. It gets pretty hectic! Adding to the fun is the Daily Grind in which everyone gets the same course and the ability to practice the run as often as you'd like. When you go for it - for real - you only get one chance to get the high score!

OlliOlli screenshot Despite it's difficulty, Roll7's original version forced you to get a perfect run. Thinking this may disuade some players from continuing with the game, the put in an unlockable RAD mode which amps up the harshness! It's additions like this that give the game a lot of replay value.

I'm loving it on my 2DS and have already seen many rave reviews for it's successor OlliOlli2: Welcome to Olliwood.

If you like skateboarding games, OlliOlli may become your new favorite skate game. For those less likely to ride a plank, this game is a nice 2D platformer that requires requires skill to master, but is also a great deal of fun. We recommend checking it out!

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