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August 2015 Retro Gaming Article

August 24, 2015 Retro Gaming Blog Post:

Public release of Nintendo patent results in numerous psychic predictions and random nonsense

It's difficult to venture into social media without stumbling on another moronic prediction about Nintendo's next gaming console - The NX. Recently it was discovered that Nintendo filed for patents in February (publicly published last week) for a gaming device. Evidence suggests this console contains no optical drive. The internet erupted in fits of random speculation - positive and negative.

Nintendo patent image It's fun to speculate about the potential ramifications of the info contained in the patent. A console lacking an optical drive is a real game-changer. However, too many folks are making claims as thought they just got off the phone with Japan. These "folks" are not solely random fanboys, but those hailing from well-regarded gaming publication.

Companies like Nintendo that are frequently creating new products and procedures are in the habit of patenting many things as part of the process. They wouldn't for example create a game console and then dash out to apply for a patent. During the creative process, ideas that are unique can be patented. If they discover a new way of achieving something that is proprietary, they can patent that process. In other words, a final product can be protected by numerous patents.

The patent seems to reveal a lot, but it doesn't mandate a path for Nintendo.

It's a Patent Doc, Not a Press Release

From what I've read online, one would think the NX was arriving on store shelves at the end of the week. Projects can change much quicker than people may realize - even hardware. Nothing is set in stone. From a development perspective, the NX may still be in a state of change. There is still plenty of time to completely change the device.

With nothing set in stone, I think the most interesting thing displayed in the patent document is the memory card along with an internal hard drive. Some have speculated that Nintendo might be going back to the N64 days and deliver games in some sort of cartridge-like format. I'd love to see a zero-load-time console!

As I said, it's fun to dream about what Nintendo might deliver next, but I think it's irresponsible for so many gaming news outlets to be interpreting a patent document as though it was a press release. Companies often patent things that never reach completion or development. POne can't gleam the future of Nintendo's next console by a single patent document. I wish more journalists would properly define their content when reporting news versus speculation/opinion.

For the masses of outraged humans commenting on every site they can find, that this patent document sets forth the death of Nintendo... well, you can simply go away. Thanks.

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