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July 10, 2015 Retro Gaming Blog Post:

Opinions Collide over music's global release on Fridays, but July 10th yielded 4 Van Halen albums

New Music Fridays Global Release I always looked forward to Tuesday (in America). It was release day. New CDs and DVDs were being pulled from the back-room storage of retailers and shelved for consumer delight. I didn't think too much about the logistics, I simply knew that good things would be waiting each Tuesday.

Choosing Tuesday had more to do with pre-digital shipping and delivery issues. If a store received a shipment of new music before their nearby competitor, they would have a distinct sales advantage. Too much relied on when deliveries were made. In 1989, the Recording Industry settled on Tuesday as the day on which stores could sell new music. Movies seemed to follow along (I believe).

I'm on the mailing list of my favored music and movie store and eagerly sleuth my favorite bands and films when it hits my inbox. As a creature of habit, I'd head down to Newbury Comics for my weekly fix of entertainment media - onTuesdays. Some weeks were exciting, while others less so. Recently I received their weekly release email and was surprised to learn about Global Release Day... on Fridays. It's being called, New Music Fridays.

I see the logic in having everyone release on the same day. This way countries around the globe are all in sync with debuting new music. I'm sure there are still some time zone quandaries that leave small windows of illicit behaviors.The digital age still battles the analog-ness of some systems, even though we view ourselves as all sorts of modern.

4 re-mastered Van Halen albums and an Atari game released the same year 4 re-mastered Van Halen albums and an Atari game released the same year Having purchased the recent Van Halen re-mastered CDs, I was stoked for July 10th since another 4 re-mastered albums were hitting the retail channel! Coinciding with "New MUsic Friday" seemed a glorious combination for a retro soul like myself. However, not everyone is happy about this unifying release day.

A unified release day helps cut down on illegal copies since everyone has the chance to buy new music on the same day. Previously, there could be several days lag and on part of the world was excluded from hearing new releases already in rotation in other regions. For those selling physical media - brick and mortar stores - this can cause a problems that are often not considered by the industry's big boys.

Tower Records logo Stores are generally busier on weekends. Folks have more free time to shop. Formerly having new releases on Tuesdays, gave the smaller stores a mid-week boost. Often this was a much needed boost to get through the week as the weekend would bring more sales as always. Combining a traditionally heavier shopping day with the perk of new music, deflates the early part of the week and this can have a strong effect on indie shops.

I used to love shopping at Tower Records. They were huge and I assumed they'd be around forever. When they closed, I was devastated. Then Border's Books closed. You have to enjoy what you have in the present and ensure that actions taken now won't jeopardize the future.

Technology is eroding the media I loved and thought would last forever, but I cling to as much retro as I can. Few things are as wonderful as indie record and book stores. Help to preserve them!

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