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August 2015 Retro Gaming Article

August 8, 2015 Retro Gaming Blog Post:

Speculation about the 3DS lifespan worries me that StreetPass will fade away

StreetPass Mii PLaza logo A mention of the 3DS lifespan by NIS America presiden & CEO Takuro Yamashita has spiraled into speculation on it's demise. He stated that it likely had another 2 to 3 years before fading away. Suddenly,the Internet is ablaze with people offering their opinion on when is will cease.

Here's the problem and I'll admit this is my own personal selfish problem, but I'm going to share it. I love StreetPass! From all those funny little games in the StreetPass Mii Plaza to having random travelers come to my island in Tomodachi Life, I can't get enough of it. For me, handheld gaming wouldn't be the same without StreetPass!

StreetPass Miis I live in a somewhat remote area, so the StreetPass Relay Stations at the mall really help out. I'm sure the infrastructure behind that would be one of the first things to go. I feel it adds a really unique element to all types of games and can be implemented in so many different ways. It's a feature that really lets a developer explore ways to bond gamers within their games. This notion is very similar to the use of the Wii U gamepad - it offers many paths toward very diverse game play.

Will AAA focus create an opportunity for smaller devs?

An interesting side note to the fading of the 2/3DS is that it may happen naturally as developers focus their efforts on newer platforms. One has to wonder if this might leave an opening for smaller devs to get their games in front of a larger audience of 3DS owners who still want new games.

Stranger things have happened in the video game industry. Time will tell, but the 3DS is barely 4.5 years old and has a great library of games, not to mention DS compatibility. That number of games would keep me busy for years to come. As new hardware and technology arrive, I hope the interactive concept of StreetPass carries forward.

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