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August 2015 Retro Gaming Article

August 27, 2015 Retro Gaming Blog Post:

Retro websites are a constant reminder of how shoddy modernity has become

Retro gamers tend to have a fondness for their first game console. For me it was an Atari 2600. For others it was the NES or PS2. My son began gaming on Nintendo's Wii, although I it was playing Dig Dug on a handheld multi-game joystick device that lit the fuse.

Regardless which console gave you the first taste of video games, chances are that console is still pretty important to you. I recently bought a Wii U after deciding that the PS4 wasn't the right choice for me. My son was ecstatic about this decision. Just as he played Donkey Kong in our local arcade before we took on DKC Returns on the Wii, I showed him my NES before we hooked up the Wii U.

I really wanted him to appreciate what led up to all the games he sees on store shelves these days. I was delighted when he recognized a few titles from reboots we have on other systems. We had a good time playing my old NES games and then went back to Wizard of Wor on the Atari 800 computer.

Retro arcades and cars Check out more Muscle cars and arcade games on our Pinterest board! Retro gamers are used to a melding of old and new. Most of us love old games on cartridges and dusty consoles while also playing PS3, Xbox One, or other modern consoles. Rare Retro just came out for the Xbox One. That's quite a testament to classic games and their inclusion in modern gaming... even for those who don't consider themselves retro gamers.

Technology has allowed great strides in human achievement, but these strides aren't always great leaps. There are a lot of classic car shows in my area and I love to go see the cars I grew up around as a kid. They have such character and style. Each one is so unique and distinctive - and operational 30+ years later! Compare that with cars on the roads today. It's a sea of homogeneous rounded boxes lacking style and individuality. It's disheartening.

I think part of my attachment to things from the past is twofold. Naturally, my childhood familiarity with various toys, cars, random products, and technologies makes them dear to me. At the same time, I find most of these things are of such higher quality than their modern day counterparts. That isn't true of everything, but overall, quality has fallen in many respects when it comes to manufacturing.

We live in an increasingly disposable society where we dispose of things without so much as a thought to repairing them. That statement alone is a threat to retro gaming! Years ago, I found innumerable 2600s at yard sales. These days... not so much. As I've matured (well, sort of matured) I'm more aware of the value of ALL retro games and consoles. No one is making them anymore. Atari and Nintendo still exist, but they aren't making 2600s or NES consoles. There is a finite supply of these original devices!

Nostalgia is a wonderful thing that can take you back to times when things just seemed better... because in some cases they were!

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