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December 2015 Retro Gaming Article

December 6, 2015 Retro Gaming Blog Post:

Microgee places the “endless runner” in space as an awesome endless floater

This mobile game proves the "Endless Floater" genre delivers all the excitement you've come to expect in an endless runner!
Have you ever seen someone discover there's no break-pedal on a boat as their precious vessel slowly impacts a dock emitting a loud cracking sound? You can almost feel them leaning in the hope it will help avoid that crunch as they frantically try to engage reverse. Even as a spectator, watching the inevitable can induce a fair amount of unwarranted stress.

Moe Bull has a terrific mobile game that induces that feeling of inevitability masked by floating. You may ask, how dangerous can floating be? It sounds so slow, soft, and fuzzy. That's the point! Everything seems wonderful until you realize the hazards that exist in Microgee: Endless Floater.

Microgee: endless floater game With simple and familiar controls Microgee releases your astronaut into an accelerated spin allowing you to alter gravitational pull as he tumbles through the hazards of outer space. Tap the screen to increase or decrease the gravity which lets you control his vertical position. His speed and spin are out of your control, so you'll have to take upcoming obstacles into account to keep him in a safe zone.

What I like most is how much novelty there is within such a familiar framework. We've all seen a variety of "endless" style games, but the mechanics and physics of Microgee feels very fresh and it's a lot of fun! The "floatiness" of the astronaut feels spot-on and the controls are great - even though I've killed my brave explorer repeatedly.

Microgee Endless Floater Moe Bull's Microgee: Endless Floater has a nice long soundtrack that doesn't get repetitive like so many games.
Microgee Endless Floater You'll find a good variety of different obstacles in Microgee.

I'm told this game will also be arriving for Android users. I had to chase down an iPhone to give this game a whirl. I really want to have it on my droid! Check out thee Microgee website and link up to Moe Bull's social media for more info and updates.

2/10/16 Update: MICROGEE - Endless Floater is now available for Android devices!

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