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May 20, 2015 Retro Gaming Blog Post:

If amiibo-fever is the metric, Mario's venture with Universal Parks could overrun the place

Nintendo recently announced a partnership with Universal Parks and Resorts that will result in a variety of theme park attractions based on Nintendo characters. The latest successful Universal attraction was The Wizarding World of Harry Potter that has enthused fans. Harry is pretty popular, but Nintendo has a staggering array of IPs that lend themselves to interactive rides and attractions!

Nintendo partners with Universal Parks & Resorts I've been to Disney World and it's neighboring Universal Studios Park a few times and I see advantages to each. But hearing that Nintendo is planning to unleash their characters and worlds into Universal is certainly an exciting idea. There are so many options, it's hard to know where to start. Disney has Mickey, so you know Universal will have plenty of Mario attractions, but the possibilities are limitless.

When I think about the expansion of Super Mario Bros and Donkey Kong, from humble beginnings to immersive worlds, there are so many possibilities for rides and attractions. If the rabid desire to acquire amiibo is any sign, Universal and Nintendo stand to benefit from a huge success with a Nintendo theme park. The only downside is the limited space for such a venture.

Nintendo's amazing worlds could eat up acres of land at any park location! But where would a Mario-inspired park be located? Universal has parks in Orlando, Hollywood, Japan, and Singapore. Constructing such a park would likely take years, so I'm sure there's plenty of time to discover the location and still have a long wait until opening day....

My head is spinning just thinking about the merchandising opportunities!

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