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August 2015 Retro Gaming Article

August 2, 2015 Retro Gaming Blog Post:

Little Player magazine seeks a niche with gamer kids who's parents want a safe, ad-free zone

Little Player magazine When I see a small child cuddling up to an iPad or tablet, it makes me very aware of my addiction to online media. Whether I'm playing a game or doing some research, there's no excuse for the obscene amounts of time I spend on Internet connected devices. My son is well on his way to being a digital-kid, so I try to curtail my consumption to read & play with him.

I garner a lot of great info from gaming websites and social media, but nothing beats sitting down with a good book or magazine. From Retro Magazine and Game Informer to Popular Science and Thrasher, I've always loved magazines. This may have started when I was a kid and my Aunt bought me a subscription to Ranger Rick magazine.

Whenever I hear someone say "print is dead", I wonder if anyone has informed Barnes & Noble, Amazon, or the myriad of stores selling magazines. Print is certainly in decline, but reading from an analog medium (I should have said "book") is still quite popular, I assure you.

I was pretty excited when I first heard about the Kickstarter campaign for Little Player magazine. This is a great idea for gamer kids!

This magazine is aimed at kids in the 7 to 12 year old bracket. It provides an ad-free reading environment that caters to gaming. My son loves video games, but I'm not comfortable with him reading Game Informer yet. It's full of ads that simply scream "gimme money" and the content isn't always appropriate for him. It's a great mag, but not appropriate for my kid. So, I'd be really excited to give him a reading experience focused on video games. If that keeps him away from the connected world - all the better.

Little Player magazine I grew up loving magazines and Little Player is an outstanding idea! There are so many kids who play video games that would devour a gaming magazine. Alas, none of the gaming magazines I have seen provide content appropriate to young kids. Check out their kickstarter and see if this magazine is right for your gaming kids... or someone you know. Share the joy of video games!

Kids Are the Customers

Even if a parent is purchasing Little Player, the child is the actual customer. He or she is the one that will make or break this publication. It must be nerve wracking to have your creation's success in the hands of pre-teen kids!

gamer kids While I love this idea, I question the publication's title. Kids are a lot more sophisticated than we imagine. Those kids with their nose glued to a tablet probably see their parents doing the same. They emulate what they see. Gone are the times when a toy computer will satisfy a need. Even toddlers seem to be drawn to a laptop rather than a cute talking toy computer.

Do you know any young kids who like to be called "little"? Kids don't identify with that - certainly not gamer kids. Whether my son is playing Skylanders or Kirby games, he's an adventurer, fighter, champion, strategist, leader, problem solver... there's nothing little about that.

Take a look at some of the titles on newsstands. Sports Illustrated, Soldier of Fortune. Rolling Stone. How about Nintendo Power! That was a great title with a strong image.

I hope this magazine comes to fruition. Pre-teens are largely ignored by almost everyone, not just gaming publications, and would love this magazine. But give it a stronger title!

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