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October 2015 Retro Gaming Article

October 18, 2015 Retro Gaming Blog Post:

The season of no-name game consoles marches onward with Lexibook's TV Game console

Lexibook logo We've certainly seen more off-brand no-name gaming devices than usual at the start of this holiday season. I use the term "holiday season" loosely after finding both Halloween candy and Christmas lights for sale at my local grocery store in mid October. But over at Toys R Us, they are bringing back the newest Atari Flashback 6 and updated Sega Genesis console containing the Mortal Kombat trilogy.

They are also stocking a few off-brand "consoles" containing 200+ games each. We saw the Gamer Portable and the Retro Machine both from DreamGear. Gamers know that these devices contain random mini games perhaps loosely based on actual games, but no actual licensed video games.

The Lexibook console pictured below is the latest one I've found at Toys R Us. They sell the various Flashback consoles from AtGames, so I'm not sure what market they think they're catering to with these no-name knock-offs. They began displaying them in their board game area and have since moved them to the video game shelves next to the Flashbacks.

Toys R Us are doing a disservice to their customers by trying to align these clones with other known video game products. We all know the Flashbacks have built-in games, but they license the ROMs from Atari, Sega, Coleco, and Mattel. Thus they offer game play that is nearly identical to the games consoles on which they are based.

The Wii-looking device shown below is from a French company, Lexibook. The "console" uses an SD card to supply games to the unit that hooks to your TV via the typical RCA connectors.

TV Game Console 200 Jeux Referred to on their website as "TV Game Console 200 Jeux", the Yeno Games sticker may be for certain regions.
TV Game Console 200 Jeux The rear of the box is oddly similar to the front and hints at the content of some of the games.

If you're shopping for a gamer this holiday season, try to avoid these low-priced no-name game consoles. They don't offer real games and certainly no actual arcade games. Go for a Wii U, 3DS, or PS4 instead :)

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