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November 2015 Retro Gaming Article

November 21, 2015 Retro Gaming Blog Post:

Small businesses should embrace technology... and arcade games, like the Spin Laundry Lounge

I've been fortunate in never having to rely on laundromats for washing clothing. I say "fortunate" because most laundromats are dirty, run-down, and give the impression you're more likely to die there than escape with clean clothing. But not all laundromats are like this and some, like the Spin Laundry Lounge in Portland, Oregon, are changing the face of cleanliness in some very inventive ways!

Spin Laundry Lounge's pinball Pinball tables on the upper level overlooking the laundry machines and bar. I saw a televised news story about the Spin Laundry Lounge and I was quite impressed with the planning and technology that went into it's design. As it's name suggests, it's a laundromat that offers services that makes doing laundry fun and draws more customers due to the unique offerings... that include arcade games.

Spin Laundry Lounge's arcade loft Any successful business needs a sharp focus on the business, but customers need to be included in that focus. Whether I'm at home or a laundromat, doing laundry is boring. At home, such bordom is easy to relieve. It's not as easy at the laundromat. Morgan Gary put a lot of thought into what she felt would make her laundromat more enticing. Naturally, I love the upper loft of pinball and arcade games, but it's much more.

Efficient Technology

The high-efficiency machines themselves are pretty slick with multiple payment options including thumping your smartphone against them. Beyond that convenience, you can send your washer a text and it will respond with the remaining time until completion! I'd love to have that feature on my home washer... and coffee pot!

You'll also find a coffee shop with coffee, tea, beer, wine, sandwiches, salads. I'm not sure if liquor licenses are easier to obtain on the West coast, but if I can have a beer and play Rampage or read a book on a comfy couch - I'll be a happy customer.

Rampage arcade game
If your customers must endure a wait, let them play!
Doesn't this make you wish more small businesses would view things from the customer's perspective? I love how the Spin Laundry Lounge has taken the drudgery out of doing laundry through technology and a careful eye on what makes customers want to be a part of their establishment.

At a general level, I'd love to see more businesses value the addition of arcade games in their establishments. While restaurants would rather you spend money in the bar while awaiting a table, arcade games are an enticing option. There are a lot of businesses that have a component where customers must endure a wait. More of these businesses should look at arcade games as a solution to the boredom of waiting.

If you live in the Portland area, it's worth noting that PDX is also home to the renown Ground Kontrol Arcade. And for those on the East coast, check out Sunshine Laundry's pinball establishment in Brooklyn, NY!

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