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August 2015 Retro Gaming Article

August 3, 2015 Retro Gaming Blog Post:

Hitchbot's Exploration into the kindness of strangers proves successful until the U.S. got involved

Hitchbot was a Canadian experiment to test the kindness of strangers by way of a friendly robot with a mild ability to communicate. He'd talk or offer up factoids, but he wasn't able to move. He relied on enchanted strangers to take him along on their journeys and recharge his batteries. As his name suggests, he hitchhiked.

Hitchbot He traversed the entirety of Canada, relying on strangers to be inspired by his solo expedition and take him along. He went to baseball games, weddings and apparently spent a week with heavy metal band. He also traveled across large swaths of Europe.

Equipped with GPS and a hashtag he seems like a friendly social media event waiting to happen. I'd take a selfie with him - what's not to like? I think it would be really cool to encounter Hitchbot and spend a day with him.

Alas, he met his demise in Philadelphia. Having traveled from Boston, he didn't get too far before the worthless segment of society got hold of him and seemingly destroyed him on purpose. Some people have no heart... or soul.

These are likely the sme sort of people that would stomp on R.O.B. the Robot. A tech group in Philly has offered to repair the digital traveller, but it's not clear if the creators are willing to continue the experiment.

Raise Your Children to be Global Citizens, Not Assholes

Take this opportunity to Show your kids the Hitchbot website. Explain how he was created as an experiment to see if people would help him travel across the country. Explain the GPS tech and his ability to communicate and take photos along the way. I'm sure your kids will be pretty excited about Hitchbot. Everyone likes robots and this one is making such an extraordinary effort to embrace humans.

Then gently tell your child that Hitchbot's journey ended when he was destroyed by the very people that one hoped would ignore or assist him. It's an excellent lesson in empathy and demonstrates the benefits of being a good person. Being a jerk is easy - that's why there are so many of them. Being a descent human is difficult but the rewards are great. Ask your child if he/she would rather have someone help them or pull their arms off. The world is a cruel place full of stupid people.

Help the world by not raising yet another asshole!

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