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July 20, 2015 Retro Gaming Blog Post:

TGI Friday's Restaurant has a social media promotion that would work well with indie game marketing

Jump Burger from TGI Fridays Sifting through millions of games online in the hope of finding a winner is a pretty dismal premise - even if it only costs 99¢. Many mobile and indie games are quite reasonably priced, but discovering their existence can be a challenge even in the era of social media. A restaurant chain is running a promo that I believe would work well in the promotion of indie games at the lower end of pricing.

control your burger Social media exposure has become a major element in game promotion and can work well because we tend to follow folks that have similar interests. Thus posting about a game you've enjoyed tends to put that game in front of others who share your taste in gaming. Incorporating a giveaway adds a bit more fun to the equation with an interactive component.

TGI Friday's restaurant has a "buy one, give one" promo, called Jump burger, that lets you use your burger to give a free burger to someone else. It's hinged on social networks and lets you toss a burger out to your followers on Twitter, Facebook, or email. Whoever clicks it first scores a free burger on their next visit to Fridays.

Jump Burger from TGI Fridays I think this would work well for promoting indie games as it leverages the "trust" your followers have in you. It seems like a random giveaway, but when factoring in the "connection" between you and your followers, it spreads the word in a targeted manner with the giveaway adding interactivity to the mix.

We've become too keen at recognizing corporate giveaways & promotions that tend to turn off customers. Social media has tricked us into thinking we're always "talking" to a person not a corporation. When a giveaway comes from someone you chose to follow on social media, it removes the instant skepticism. It translates the relationship from seeming corporate to being an offer from an acquaintance.

I see social media giveaways regularly. While some come from random folks, you still get the notion that the developer handpicked them for the status of their social media accounts. What I like about the Friday's promo is the reward comes from a customer in a clearly random fashion. There's no hint of a larger entity overseeing the transaction. I'd love to see folks I follow grant me a free game based on their positive experience. It would prompt me to try the game and tell my followers about it. This is the sort of promo that can be run for a limited time and is based on trust from a peer's gaming experience!

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