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October 2015 Retro Gaming Article

October 6, 2015 Retro Gaming Blog Post:

Next, Dream Gear releases a handheld console full of games you've never heard of

Not long ago I saw The Retro Machine at Toys R Us. It's a faux game console touting over 200 arcade games. I don't know what arcade they've been visiting, but none of the arcades I've played feature any of these games. Essentially, this unit from Dream Gear is loaded with Flash-style games. I suppose it might appeal to little kids who haven't been exposed to real video games.

Gamers know to avoid such devices, but these things show up around the holidays when everyone wants to maximize their budget. Too often a parent or grandparent will buy one of these devices thinking it contains real video games. It sounds tempting to have 200 arcade games in one small unit, but don't believe it.

You'll be much better off buying a Flashback or a Genesis Classic with built-in games.

Gamer Portable Gamer Portable packaging touts 220 games, however, none of them are games you've heard of or seen in arcades.
Gamer Portable The Gamer Portable offers Flash-like games that are short and have no real depth.

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