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September 2015 Retro Gaming Article

September 7, 2015 Retro Gaming Blog Post:

I like to be organized, but this is how I want my Game Room TVs set up

From Facebook to Pinterest I constantly see photos of amazing home game rooms. The walls are lined with games organized by console - I'll bet they're alphabetized too. Display cases highlight a myriad of video game consoles, each with it's own private cubby. Controllers are nicely placed atop. The flick of a switch lets each console bask in a delicate glow of backlighting. You'd think Ikea had a Video Game Furniture division!

Although I admire these lavish layouts, highlighted with statues, momentos, and rare boxed items, the organized life is not for me. I know these folks clean up and get everything properly in it's place when they photograph these game rooms. But they sometimes have a museum quality to them - like that room in your grandmother's house that NO ONE was allowed to enter.

I like to see a game room that's been used heavily. Stacks of games by the TV. Several non-matching controllers laying on a table next to an open bag of chips. That's my kind of gaming set up :)

When I saw Miley Cyrus posing in this room during the MTV VMA awards, I have to admit to liking her outfit (NSFW), but my real craving was to hook up my Atari 2600 and NES and play some games in that crazy looking room!

Miley cyrus - MTV Video Music Awards VMA 2015 Miley Cyrus hosting the VMAs 2015 Miley Cyrus' first outfit as she hosted the MTV Video Music Awards in 2015. Just put a nice long couch facing that crazy array of TVs and let the 4-player Warlords begin. Maybe a few connected GameCubes and a massive Mario Kart session. A room like this begs for insane gaming sessions across multiple consoles and friends dropping in to join the fun. Miley is welcome to join in as well ;)

Even the mountain of TVs on MTV's Remote Control game show, from the 80s, was pretty cool. They seem to be on the same wavelength as my media room dreams. One day I'll have the time to put together a game room and fill it with a chaotic montage of CRT wonders. If you're planning a game room, give some thought to throwing organization out the window. Chaos is often better!

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