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July 2015 Retro Gaming Article

July 19, 2015 Retro Gaming Blog Post:

Following Google Cardboard's cue, BaDoink flys under the pornography radar with Free VR Goggles

You never want to underestimate the adult industry. For decades, they have used technology to further their business in savvy ways that elude many tech companies. From VHS and CD ROM to e-commerce and video streaming, the adult industry has done it better - and pioneered business models long before anyone else!

Free VR Goggles from DaBoinnk If you didn't take advantage of Google Cardboard's inexpensive VR solution for smartphones, there's a porn site that wants to lend a hand (pun intended). DaBoink is offering free VR goggles similar to those offered by google.

As many journalists came away from E3 with VR stamped on their brains, other industries are keen to get in on the action. With no hint of impropriety or stylishly designed hardcore sex motif, DaBoink has set up Free VR Goggles from which they will send you a cardboard DIY VR headset.

"Free samples" used to rule the day from music sampler discs to a toothpick of Chinese food at a mall-restaurant. These days you have to pay for everything. "Free" seems to be a bygone concept. DaBoink is hoping that their free VR goggles and deftly referenced smartphhone app will lure you into the stereoscopic world of watching porn. Curiously, only the DaBoink VR app received a 5-star rating out of all the contenders... Hmmm. :)

The thrust of Google Cardboard (no pun intended) was bringing VR experiences to classrooms in an affordable manner. Since there is a vast supply of free porn on the Internet, I can only assume that DaBoink is replicating the model, but avoiding the classrooms. The idea of an innocuous site doling out free VR goggles is pretty slick especially since they offer content to support the device. Their DaBoink VR website (NSFW) sells content formatted to work with Google Cardboard, Occulus, and Samsung Gear VR.

Free VR Goggles from DaBoinnk As tempting as VR porn may be, I don't think consumers at large are ready for VR - porn or otherwise. I say this partly because the application of the technology is still too techie rather than resolving a common challenge. We simply don't hear of VR helping the common man unless he's a doctor performing remote surgery. I recognize VR's entertainment value,but there has to be more to really ingrain in into lifestyles.

Secondly, it's price-point is still above the level at which they can really deliver a full-motion, 360 degree experience without inducing nausea and vomiting. Folks still say Nintendo's Virtual Boy caused similar maladies and it was a stationary console. Ready or not, companies are marching forward with several initiatives to offer VR to consumers.

VR porn from DaBoinnk I've tried a few of these devices and they're nifty, but my dollars are residing in my wallet until a useful scenario arises. Let's not forget how quickly 3D televisions disappeared from retail shelves... If consumers don't need/want it, Virtual Reality will likely slink away only to return with the next rev of technology developments. See ya down the road, VR!

Once the technology is truly perfected, I'm sure emulators will be developed and I can play retro games in an 8-bit stereoscopic helmet or HMD. The issue is I really want to play Missile Command and be able to "look to the skies" for those incoming ICBMs.

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