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September 2015 Retro Gaming Article

September 20, 2015 Retro Gaming Blog Post:

When I see Food Fighters listed in the TV guide... I think Atari

When I scan through the TV programmin hoping to find something worth watching amidst 800 channels of drivel, this show catches my eye. Food Fighters pits amateur cooks against pro chefs to create the contestant's signature dish.

I'm no foodie and I don't care for game shows, but every time I see mention of this show, Atari's Food Fight game comes to mind. I suppose I'm hoping that some TV exec has thought outside the box and created some programming around this creative game. The title, Food Fighters, sounds like a competitive e-sports team!

To be honest, I'd never seen the arcade version and didn't know it originated in arcades - in 1983. The Atari 7800 version came out in 1987 and was exclusive to the 7800.

Food Fight is an exclusive release for the Atari 7800 Food Fight was a modest arcade hit for Atari in 1984, and became an exclusive title for the 7800. As Charley Chuck shrugs off another ice cream headache, you must guide him through a hostile environment including pitfalls and angry chefs guarding another cone.
food fighters tv show Food enthusiast Adam Richman hosts this competition that pits home cooks against culinary professionals. Each home cook brings in the recipe for their signature dish and prepares it, while a professional chef does the same.

Food Fight was the first game my son and I played on our 7800 when I introduced the platform to him. Combined with 2600 compatibility, the 7800 is a great console with quite a few unique games. Food Fight is highly recommended! Take a look at our Atari Food Fight review.

Food Fight is an exclusive release for the Atari 7800

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