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October 2015 Retro Gaming Article

October 10, 2015 Retro Gaming Blog Post:

This Flappy Bird contraption is the first video game and prize redemption merger I've seen

As arcades have been financially forced to adopt a redemption model, we've seen traditional video game nearly disappear from arcade floors. In their place are redemption amusements that dispense tickets or actual prizes.

I've seen Bay Tek's Flappy Bird ticket redemption as well as the various "crane" games that let you try to snatch a plush or other prize. This 2015 machine, also from Bay Tek, is the first I've seen myself that incorporates both a video game with instant prize redemption.

It is housed in a crane-like cabinet with the prizes dangling in the forefront and the video display mounted against the back wall. The vertical orientation of the monitor.

Gamer Portable Bay Tek's Flappy Bird prize redemption machine offers an array of different prizes that surround it's 32" LCD monitor.
Gamer Portable Flappy Bird offers prizes from plush to plastic junk that is all displayed in a crane-like cabinet with the monitor against the back wall. Like it's predecessors and Android original, there is a single action - flap button that will make the bird rise the more you press it.

The only setup I've seen that was more unexpected was the pindemption model in which a pinball table can be outfitted with a ticket redemption unit to spew tickets based on points/milestones.

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