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September 2015 Retro Gaming Article

September 10, 2015 Retro Gaming Blog Post:

Eye Games puts an index of new & retro game specs on your iPhone coupled with smart features

As mobile devices overtake computers as the primary access point to online information, it becomes harder to find the good apps amidst all the junk. I don't mind doing research or hunting down info, but when I'm in a store trying to make a purchase decision, I want easy access to good info. Eye Games is a promising app that seems to hold up for modern and retro gamers.

Eye Games logo Eye Games I came across Eye Games, an iOS app, that has 28,000 indexed video games and a lot of cool features. Of particular interest, to me, was mention of both retro games and consoles. Typically this means you'll find a few NES titles among a sea of Xbox and PlayStation titles. Eye Games seems to be a different breed.

When I saw a slew of Atari consoles, along with ColecoVision and Intellivision, it was apparent that this app may be different from the rest. My first question was - where's the Android version? My dilema is not being able to try their app for myself. They are perfecting the iOS release while determining the best way to deliver an Android version. The reviews on iTunes are stellar and Eye Games is laden with smart features.

So many apps try to "do it all" and become a bloated island unto themselves. Eye Games has a watch-list to track your favorite upcoming games, as well as calendar integration so you can easily put release dates into your calendar. You can also share info via social media from within the app and it offers a trending feature. I like that it works with your phone rather than duplicating existing functionality. It's also designed to work on iPad and iPod.

I'm excited to see this for Android. There are a lot of cool features and I really want to see how the retro info holds up. I'll be pretty stoked If this app has robust retro gaming info!

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