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October 2015 Retro Gaming Article

October 31, 2015 Retro Gaming Blog Post:

Swedish rock band, Europe, gets a download boost of their 30-year-old hit, from a Geico ad

My understanding of why advertisers use classic rock songs in commercials is - cost. Almost anything can be tracked back to the money, right? Once a song has passed a certain age, it becomes much cheaper to use it as background music in an ad. You may have thought it was due to all those hip dudes in advertising who appreciate classic rock. Alas, it is more likely they simply can't afford to use the latest Taylor Swift tune.

I'm OK with that... as a fan of classic rock. In recent years, I've greatly enjoyed the family singing Ozzy's Crazy Train in a Honda car commercial as well as Judas Priest's Electric Eye appearing in Honda's minivan ad.

Currently in rotation is a Geico insurance ad featuring Swedish rock band Europe playing "The Final Countdown." As an office worker waits for the counter on a microwave oven we hear the familiar wailing of The Final Countdown.

It's hard to say how impactful such an ad really is... not for Geico, but for the band. Obviously they are paid for the commercial itself, but its surprising to me how it effects the band's music sales. Hearing that memorable chorus really brings back memories of when that song ruled the radio charts in 1986. You may be surprised at how many others got a kick out of seeing Europe again and delved back into their music catalog.

Europe - The Final Countdown Geico ad Geico has breathed a bit of new life into this Europe song. Billboard reports since Geico started running a commercial featuring Europe's The Final Countdown,the song is seeing quite a resurgence in sales. Before the commercial aired, Europe sold about a thousand downloads of the song per week for the past two years. In the five weeks since the ad ran, Europe sold 31,000 downloads of The Final Countdown. It tops Billboards Hard Rock Digital Songs chart.

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