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August 30, 2015 Retro Gaming Blog Post:

I'm with her - Summer doesn't end until school starts

Even as an adult, I cringe at the first school bus sighting in September. I know it's childish, but I still remember that amazing stretch of time between school years when I felt this amazing sense of freedom. As Summer wound down, I always felt as though something really great was ending.

Summer's as a kid were full of bike rides, fast food, arcades, and pushing boundaries. It was a time to get outside the structured confines of the classroom and see how we faired in the hit-or-miss world. We got into trouble and wiggled our way out. Overall, we had tons of fun.

I relive a lot of that when my son comes to visit for the Summer. We hang out 24/7 and have a blast together. I really related to this DQ Blizzard ad where this girl is adamant that Summer isn't over and the "sign people" need to hold their horses! Every year I want to hold onto my Summers too!

DQ Blizard ad
DQ Blizard ad

My childhood Summers were spent on the beach, wailing on a guitar, playing in arcades, dominating mini golf, seeing the latest movies, and packing as much fun as possible into each day. I guess I've never learned that time moves forward regardless what you may do to try and prevent it's passage. These days, I try to make the most of every minute - especially in the Summer!

DQ Blizard ad So, where does one purchase a cup holder for a BMX bike? I need one!

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