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August 2015 Retro Gaming Article

August 30, 2015 Retro Gaming Blog Post:

Disney Infinity 3.0's Star Wars release at my local Toys R Us was quite uneventful

Upon arriving at Toys R Us this morning, I was pleased to find the aisle was now full of Disney Infinity 3.0 merch. I stopped by yesterday to find a barren aisle waiting to be filled. I had my dates mixed up. As usual, launch day offered only 1 additional playset outside of the Star Wars playset sold with the starter pack. With fairly paltry selections, I'm curious to see how this version fares against the prior two.

Similar to the last two release days, for the previous DI versions, the gaming area at my local Toys R Us was empty.

Even the release of a Star Wars playset with several characters didn't seem to stir much excitement. I'm surprised with the low turn out contrasted with the yearly release of Skylanders. When the new Activision game arrives, my TRU has an large area at the store's entrance full of figures, games, and all the accessories. This is in addition to the dedicated aisle in the gaming section of the store. Employees are answering questions, restocking the shelves, and customers are out in force.

Disney Infinity 3.0 releade day at Toys R Us I find the calm emptiness of the same store on the release of Disney Infinity rather odd. I'm much more of a Skylanders fan, but sales seem to be going well for DI, so where are all the customers?

I scooped up the Star Wars, Tron, and Mickey & Minnie figures- hoping 3.0 is worth it.
It will be interesting to see what happens when Lego joins the fray with the release of Lego Dimensions. Will there be a crowd on launch day or will tumbleweeds be once more blowing down the game aisle?

I'm not fond of the term, but it seems that Toys-To-Life is a category that is here to stay and more developers are jumping on it. I thought it was unique at first, but the magic wears off quickly and the figures begin to pile up with no real playable longevity for the most part.

The whole marketing premise seems to get you to buy a lot of figures that are mostly applicable to one game and then strongly suggest you buy the next version and a whole slew of new figures. Yes, that model gets old. I'm hoping Lego sees more purpose to the characters and worlds they can interact within.

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