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September 2015 Retro Gaming Article

September 15, 2015 Retro Gaming Blog Post:

Hey Zuck, A “Dislike Button” doesn't foster empathy- it feeds trolls

Harassment on Twitter is a big problem because they won't take a few simple steps to make it more difficult for trolls to spawn endless accounts from which to attack other accounts. The primary reason Twitter will never take the time to make a more harmonious environment is peaceful interaction is boring. Essentially, hatred spices things up and makes it more interesting for a large number of users (typically lurkers).

Facebook needs an Acknowledge button Facebook has some pretty good controls for managing who can see and interact with their various offerings from personal accounts to promotional pages and groups. The truth is, the Facebook experience is pretty homogenous and dull. Zuck can leap on a stage and say they want to offer an empathy outlet, but a Dislike button is a simple injection of hatred to... spice things up.

"Like" is too general a term and we've taken it's Acknowledgment aspect and bonded it to it's dictionary definition. Thus we "like" things we don't really like in the affectionate sense as a way to agree or... acknowledge something. I like books, video games, and sex, but "like" doesn't express the degree to which I adore these things. Like - as a form of Acknowledgment - was a poorly thought out concept. Countering it with a Dislike button (under the guise of empathy expression) is just as ridiculous.

I'd like to see them change the Like button to an Acknowledge button - problem solved. At the same time, if we weren't bred to be so hopelessly lazy, we might comment on a post to let the author know exactly what's on our mind. Clicking a button has no real meaning.

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