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August 2015 Retro Gaming Article

August 29, 2015 Retro Gaming Blog Post:

My local Toys R Us is prepping for the release of Disney Infinity 3.0

With my release dates a bit confused today, I stopped by my local Toys R Us to pick up Disney Infinity 3. Their stockroom is brimming with DI3 video game stuff, but they can't sell it until tomorrow morning. I found the former Disney Infinity aisle barren awaiting the 3.0 items. The opposite side of the aisle is loaded with DI 2.0 stuff.

 Toys R Us preping for the release of Disney Infinity 3.0 Were it not for the Star Wars figures and most importantly the playsets, I'd have no interest in this franchise. My son and I were quickly bored with the original game and opted not to buy the 2.0 version. As much fun as the Toybox seems in the TV ads, I'm not too excited about mix and matching characters together. I'd much rather enjoy the characters in their native worlds via playsets.

I found it odd the way they decided to release some figures with playsets and some without. Did the Lone Ranger really need a playset, while Jack Skellington doesn't even have Sally... let alone a Halloweentown playset. That alone turned me off to Disney Infinity. They offered a cool Jack Skellington poster, but no other figures?!?

And don't get me started about the holes in Phineas and Ferb. I hope they do a better job with Star Wars and don't leave gaping holes in the releases. With the latest Star Wars movie (under Disney ownership) being only a few months away, they would be wise to give the DI Star Wars video game ample attention!

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