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November 2015 Retro Gaming Article

November 15, 2015 Retro Gaming Blog Post:

“Coleco - The Complete History” book has been funded on Kickstarter- get yourself a copy

Although this Coleco book project already reached it's Kickstarter funding goal I urge you to sign on to get a copy and help boost the stretch goals. This looks to be a great book about one of my favorite under-rated game consoles! It's described as a beautiful look back on the amazing journey of a very American company that pioneered in so many ways.

Coleco - The Complete History Based in Montreal, Antoine Clerc-Renaud produces a magazine (in French) on the local video game industry in Quebec. He's turned his passion for retro games into a publishing company that will specialize in books focused on video game history. He has chosen to begin with Coleco - a great choice and a great console that deserves a detailed historical account.

Coleco - The Complete History book The focus of the book will be Coleco's game consoles and gaming accessories even though they have created a wide variety of products over their lifetime (including swimming pools). He promises many pictures and info from those who worked at Coleco during their video game era.

I was deep into the Atari 2600 when the Colecovision was released, but I played it with friends who owned one. There's no denying it was a remarkable console that could play the entire Atari 2600 game library via a module providing 2600 compatibility.

Coleco also made games directly for the 2600 like Venture, Donkey Kong, and Mr. Do. Coleco's games for the 2600 were better than most native Atari games.

Check out their Coleco Kickstarter campaign and follow along on Twitter. Hopefully this wil be a terrific start to a series of historical books about video gaming.

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