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September 2015 Retro Gaming Article

September 4, 2015 Retro Gaming Blog Post:

Iron Maiden has been rocking since 1975 and just released Book of Souls and a retro game

Iron Maiden - Book Of Souls Here's another amazing band that began in the mid 70' and is still going strong with the release of a 2-CD album, Book of Souls. It's cool to hear Bruce Dickinson as his vocals defined Iron Maiden, for me, in the early 80s.

One of the tracks, Speed Of Light (video), pays tribute to 40 years of video games alongside 40 years of Iron Maiden and their iconic mascot, Eddie. Iron Maiden always gives back to their fans and in addition to a double CD release, they created a browser-based video game called, Speed Of Light.

It's a platformer with an 8-bit retro look. Reminiscent of Donkey Kong, Eddie navigates a series of ladders and ledges as he gets closer to rescuing the damsel in distress atop the building.

Iron Maiden - Speed of Light Mimicking the look of an arcade game, Speed Of Light plays in your browser as an 8-bit platformer.

Iron Maiden - Speed of Light game You can play Speed of Light in all it's retro gaming glory on Iron Maiden's website!

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