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September 2015 Retro Gaming Article

September 4, 2015 Retro Gaming Blog Post:

Billy Skyscraper plays like Flappy Bird with a super charged Jetpack- which is kind of a good thing

When I see a game that claims to be "retro" and contains multiple instances of "pixels" in it's description, I feel obliged to give it a try. So strong is my craving for games with a retro feel, I'll even do a few finger swipes and taps on a mobile screen to get a fix of pixelated delight.

Billy Skyscraper game Billy Skyscraper is an Android game where the hero is a jetpack-wearing "Robin Hood" of sorts. He raids the towering skyscrapers of the banking sector, retrieving money stolen by a secret organization.

Long before I tired to apply this storyline to the game play, I'd died several times. I flew from the roof of a skyscraper into a window and collected some money - then touched something that killed me.

This is a difficult game with simple controls. Billy stands still until you tap the left side of the screen to rise vertically and tap right to propel him. sounds simple... but it's not! It really is like putting a jetpack on Flappy Bird. Everything happens fast and somewhat randomly, so memory won't always save or guide you either. It's a twitch game in which your gut reaction had better be right or you'll die.

Billy Skyscraper game Some will find Billy Skyscraper frustrating - possibly irritating - but there's also a segment of the gaming population that loves an impossible challenge. Those who dropped quarters in 80's arcades are very accustomed to games that can not be beaten. We kinda dig impossible games :)

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