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January 2015 Retro Gaming Article

January 5, 2015 Retro Gaming Blog Post:

Activision's Skylanders Sidekicks come to life in Trap Team edition of the video game series

I wasn't aware of it until this past Summer, but Activision had a giveaway with Frito/Lay for miniature Skylanders figures called Sidekicks. There were 4 figures from the Giants release of the game that stand about 2 inches high. My discovery came when my local Toys R Us was giving away these miniature Skylanders that were left over and shipped to stores.

Skylander Sidekick, Barkley, in Trap Team The Sidekicks are a lot of fun. They didn't seem to have any function other than following other characters around. By themselves, they didn't do anything. Until now...

Previously, we tried the Sidekicks with the Skylanders Swap Force game. With the release of Trap Team and the mini figures, we decided to see how they would react. To our amazement, Sidekicks were suddenly playable characters! Apparently, the Minis (released as Trap Team figures) are the new Sidekicks and the former Giants Sidekicks share the same abilities and upgrades as their larger counterparts.

Pretty cool!

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